Managaha Island

Managaha Island is a small islet which lies about 15 minutes by boat off the west coast of Saipan within its lagoon in the Northern Mariana Islands. Mañagaha is popular daytime destination among tourists and locals boasting of its wide sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and popular marine activities including snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing.


Naftan Point: Thrill on Edge

NAFTAN Point all the way to the southernmost tip of Saipan is one of the most popular places on island to greet the dawn of a new day but there is more to these jungles can offer an adventurous hiker in addition to spectacular sunrises. The trail to Naftan Point is not paved easy for…


Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

EXPLORING Saipan’s hidden jungles and rugged trails while strapped to your seat onboard a Polariz Razr is one of the must-not-miss experiences to get to know the island from a whole different perspective. If you are not that adventurous and daring,   looking at the Polariz Razr with its irregularly shaped wheels will make you think…


A hidden beach beyond a golf course

KINGFISHER Golf Links in Talafofo has always been one of my favorite destinations on island, but I had never ventured beyond the golf cart parking lot — until one afternoon some weeks back. My Chinese friend Emily invited me for a drive around the golf course to shoot photos. I was not that excited, envisioning familiar…


Parasailing over Saipan waters

  SAIPAN— Parasailing is one of the most popular marine activities in the island that never fails to lure thousands of tourists to Saipan every year. For those who have never tried parasailing, all you see are just those colorful parachutes floating above the Saipan lagoon on bright sunny days but if you have experienced the…


Saipan Zoo revisited

DRIVING aimlessly one Saturday afternoon, I ended up at a popular destination in As Mahetug, the Saipan Zoo, which I had not visited for the past couple of years. Except for a woman with a couple of kids, there were no other visitors at the zoo when I pulled over and walked leisurely toward the…


An afternoon at the zoo

A DEEP and frightful roaring drew us to the direction where Lambert the African lion is caged. It was past 4 p.m. and the continuous roaring signaled that Lambert was hungry. Several meters away, BooBoo, a female black bear was impatiently climbing on the bars and the roof of his quarters. Near the entrance, Tasha,…


Wish upon a pair of Bojobo dolls

LEGEND has it that these little dolls resided in the woods and used to peep out from Bo Jo Bo vines in the village of San Roque, Saipan  hundreds of years ago. Now, fashioned into dolls from coconut husk and fiber, the Bojobo dolls populate the stores in pairs to make any visit to Saipan,…


Relaxing at Pau Pau beach

IF you are one of the beach bums who thinks that a day out is never complete without taking a dip in the warm waters of the sea, this beach is just the perfect place for you.5pau6

PauPau beach, located right next to Palms Resort Saipan and across the now-closed La Fiesta Mall in the northern part of Saipan is a haven for beach lovers.
The long, sandy beach provides an ideal setting where families with kids or anybody else can have fun. You can stretch and sunbathe on the sand, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, swim, fish, or just hang around.

As a bonus, trees growing on the beach offer lots of shaded areas where you can bring a beach chair and catch up with your reading. Better yet, you can experience total bliss by hanging a hammock and drifting off to dreamland to the gentle crooning of the waves.
Picnic pavilions and a playground add to the convenience of the beach.

Saipan has so many beaches you can choose from to spend your next day off. You can go to isolated beaches that you can have all to yourself or make you feel shut out from the whole world. You can also go to beaches that provide total adventure.
PauPau beach is one which gives the impression of being some place “away from it all” but it is just a few steps away from the main road.
When you get some time off, drop by PauPau beach and pamper yourself to break the monotony of work.