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Meet a travel mate: the “female funnel”

Men and women are not created equal and this stands out more when travelling and they need a pee stop. Men have it easy. They can pee anywhere- behind a tree or a post, or even without cover. Alas, women have to sit down and squat if they want to avoid a flood running down...


My travel tripods

Tripods. It’s those bulky thingies with three legs and a revolving head. Who needs them while traveling? If you’re taking photos and videos and want your shots to be better, you do. You definitely do. Yeah I know the hassle and the weight they add to your luggage, but the extra effort is worth it....


Fave lenses

Here are my favorite lenses. The 14-140mm panasonic lens is my “most favoritiest” and the most-used (and abused?) lens. I like how wide I can go with it and how close I can zoom in. The 100-300mm Lumix lens is another favorite. I always love zoom lenses and this one’s a winner. Last but not...