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Visit to the Long Neck Karen Hill tribe

The Long Neck Karen Hilltop tribe is one of the top attractions that draws a never-ending stream of tourists to Chiang Rai, Thailand’s northernmost city. Some time ago, I finally got to see the tribe in their village one afternoon. Thatched huts with rows of open stalls met our eyes, all filled with displays of...


Currency lessons learned the hard way

   I tried to mentally calculate how much money I had when my math button suddenly froze. Just like that. The numbers stopped registering and I couldn’t add or multiply anything anymore. Panic and fatigue took over, then everything started to spin and go dark ever so slowly around me. Traveling gives one lessons that...


Three borders in one day

  A trip to the northernmost part of Thailand gives you a chance to visit the borders of three countries in one day—Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (formerly called Burma). Start your trip from Chiang Rai passing through scenic roads until you notice a dramatic change in the landscape as you get closer to Mae Sai,...


I slept in a crypt in Kuala Lumpur

I slept in between two guys last night, with another guy on top of me and yet another guy across from me. There was also a girl and another girl next to her. We were all strangers to each other and we all slept on crypts. And I survived unscathed. When I say I survived...


Vietnam: Where I became an instant millionaire

WHEN I said I became an instant millionaire in Vietnam, I just mean that. It was the first time I held over two million in bills in my hand at one time. An ATM was the first thing I looked for after I cleared immigration after over an hour in Ho Chi Minh, which I’d...


Taiwan’s Wall of Literature

TAIWAN—If you are thinking the phrase ‘Wall of Literature’ belongs to a school or any educational institution, you’re wrong. That is if you are inside the Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. If you are one of those travelers who do not just sit or sleep while waiting for connecting flights but go...


Singapore Quickie

If you only have at least six hours stopover, grab the chance for a quickie tour of the flower city for free. Changi International Airport is a dream. One of the world’s most modern airports that you would appreciate being stranded in for even a whole day and there is so much to do it’s like having a free vacation in a luxurious resort.