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Saipan Sunset

Sunset falls over the Saipan lagoon, turning the waters into golden and orange hues. Sunsets in Saipan and the Northern Mariana Islands are so stunningly beautiful the whole year-round.


Stepping on Stars

SAIPAN, CNMI—Have you ever heard of star-shaped sand but haven’t actually seen it? Here is your chance and you don’t even have to fly to Tinian’s Star Sands or Chulu Beach to do it. A friend and I went on a jungle tour to Kagman one afternoon some weeks back and we took the short...


Parasailing over Saipan waters

  SAIPAN— Parasailing is one of the most popular marine activities in the island that never fails to lure thousands of tourists to Saipan every year. For those who have never tried parasailing, all you see are just those colorful parachutes floating above the Saipan lagoon on bright sunny days but if you have experienced the...


‘Forbidden’ angles

The Forbidden Island is just one spectacular plateau that looks like it was sliced it off from the main island and pushed a bit off the shore but there is more to this slab of a rock than meets the eye. I have seen the Forbidden Island from the overview and close from the base...

Stars& Stripes and sunset dinner cruises 0

Stars& Stripes and sunset dinner cruises

OVER the past years I have had the chance to be on three sunset dinner cruise boats: Puti’on Saipan, Jade Lady 111 and Stars and Stripes. Most of the times, a spectacular sunset highlights the dinner cruise, but when the sky is grey, guests can still enjoy the performances of local talents. I got the...

Heaven 2: Where Blue Meets Blue 0

Heaven 2: Where Blue Meets Blue

THE surprises never stop if you keep on driving off the beaten tracks and explore any of Saipan’s rugged, dirt roads. Recently, a friend and I followed the rough dirt road on Capital Hill passed the Wireless Cemetery. I had no idea where the road was leading to. My companion had been in the area...

Lazy afternoon on the Lazy River 0

Lazy afternoon on the Lazy River

AN afternoon floating lazily on the Lazy River at the Pacific Islands Club was something I always thought was a great thing to do if you’re a tourist. I had said no to many invitations until my very persistent buddy Tom refused to take no for an answer. – We skipped lunch but munched on...

Exploring Saipan’s seldom-frequented roads 0

Exploring Saipan’s seldom-frequented roads

I THOUGHT I had been everywhere on Saipan until I discovered roads I didn’t even know existed. Recently, my buddy Pat and I decided to pay a visit to the radar tower in San Roque, a site I had visited and photographed several times before so we decided to make this trip different. Bordering the...

Ladder Beach gazebo: Your new wedding venue 0

Ladder Beach gazebo: Your new wedding venue

Photos by Patrick Horton AN unplanned drive to the southern part of the island one afternoon led me and photographer buddy Donna to Ladder Beach where we got a pleasant surprise. We had not visited the place since her wedding in September last year, when we all had to find our way through the tall...