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Early morning at the Cai Rang floating markets

The floating markets are among the most popular attractions in Vietnam and if you are in the country, put it in one of your must-visit destinations. Some months back, I went with a couple of friends to visit the famous Cai Rang floating markets in Can Tho, about four hours away by car from Ho...


Sunset over the Saigon River

   One of the most popular destinations for sunset lovers in Ho Chi Minh City (more popularly called Saigon) is the Thu Thiem Bridge in  Cầu Thủ Thiêm. There is a lookout on the side of the bridge  over the Saigon River which gives people access to shoot the sunset reflections on the waters and skyscrapers...


Vietnam: Where I became an instant millionaire

WHEN I said I became an instant millionaire in Vietnam, I just mean that. It was the first time I held over two million in bills in my hand at one time. An ATM was the first thing I looked for after I cleared immigration after over an hour in Ho Chi Minh, which I’d...