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Twilight at the ruins of Sukhothai, Thailand

Amazing sunset silhouetted behind the ruins of the ancient city of Sukhothai. The old city of Sukhothai which means “the dawn of happiness” is a history buff and a photographer’s dream.


A glance at the old jail

ONE of the historical sites often visited by tourists on Saipan that has always fascinated me is the old Japanese Jail located just a block away from the CNMI Museum along the Middle Road. I first saw this dilapidated structure when I arrived on this island in 2008, obvious leftovers from the bloody war and...


La Fiesta Mall: The glory that was

SAIPAN—The yawning emptiness of the ruins of La Fiesta Mall in San Roque village remains a constant attraction to locals and tourists who pass by. The halls that once reverberated with music, laughter and activities now stretches emptily, dumped with piles of broken glass, steel bars and a hundred other debris—remnants of what was once a...

Remains of a World War 11 jail 0

Remains of a World War 11 jail

TINIAN—I have passed by this particular spot on Tinian so many times in the past years thinking that it was just an ordinary abandoned structure left by the owners from years ago. I had always been intrigued by the grills and bars and the small rectangular slits for windows but never got to ask anyone...

The glory that was the Palms beachfront 0

The glory that was the Palms beachfront

        RECENTLY, I had the chance to spend a blissful hour taking photos of the sunset at the once-bustling beachside of the now closed Palms Resort in San Roque. I and my photographer buddy Donna walked on the sand from Paupau Beach as we made our way to the lonely beachfront one...

Remains of a sugar mill 0

Remains of a sugar mill

 I still haven’t figured out how I missed seeing the remains of the old sugar mill on this island during my first two trips, but the dilapidated structure did not escape my lens during my most recent trip last month. Buddy Pat and I had been driving around the commercial seaport looking for just anything...


Ruins of an island mall

  IN broad daylight, the ruins of what was once a flourishing mall teeming with life and activity looks like what it exactly is—sprawling dilapidated buildings, but cloaked under heavy darkness, the view changes. The crumbling buildings take on a sinister form and everything about the place feels creepy. It was getting dark and I and...