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The Exuma Cays from above

The Exuma Cays in the Bahamas boasts of flawless, foot-print free white beaches and sapphire-blue water everywhere, an exotic spread of 365 cays and islands just a few minutes off Nassau by plane. The Exuma Cays is divided into three major areas– the Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and the Exuma Cays. Seeing it from an...


Cuba from a distance

Silhouette of Cuba seen from the Gulf of Mexico early in the morning, just before sunrise. For now, I’ll just admire Cuba from a far distance but it’s in the bucket list. Cuba, a Caribbean nation is 110,860 sq km in area, with an estimated population of 11,147,407 as of July 2017.      


Saipan Sunset

Sunset falls over the Saipan lagoon, turning the waters into golden and orange hues. Sunsets in Saipan and the Northern Mariana Islands are so stunningly beautiful the whole year-round.


Smiling Cove: favorite island hangout

  FROM its old view with sharp and rusty pieces of steel sticking out along the water’s edge, the newly-paved walkway with protective bars at the Smiling Cove Marina has become one of the newest destinations for joggers and sunset watchers these days. The long stretch of walkway at the Smiling Cove is an alternative...


Managaha: An island getaway

Any visit or stay on Saipan is never complete if you have not stepped foot on this small, flat coral islet that is one of Saipan’s main tourist attractions. Managaha Island, accessible by about 20 minutes by ferry from the Lower Base, is one site that never fails to get its fair share of visitors...

‘Trespassers’ at Poña Point Fishing Cliff 0

‘Trespassers’ at Poña Point Fishing Cliff

 ROTA — A fork on the road leading to a small clearing with a signboard that announced “Poña Point Fishing Cliff” caught my attention the first time I went driving aimlessly here a couple of years ago. I saw the sign again while on the same road last March, but I didn’t have the guts...


Relaxing at Pau Pau beach

IF you are one of the beach bums who thinks that a day out is never complete without taking a dip in the warm waters of the sea, this beach is just the perfect place for you. PauPau beach, located right next to Palms Resort Saipan and across the now-closed La Fiesta Mall in the...


Tinian blow hole

I finally had the chance to visit the famous Blow Hole located at the Northeast part of Tinian, on the Pacific Ocean side last Sunday. This is one place I had always wanted to visit but never got the chance to do so, and i have Kiri Jackson, Tinian Dynasty’s casino marketing and promotions to...

Pujada: An island adrift in time 0

Pujada: An island adrift in time

“Beware of quicksands..”Our guide warned but his voice faded into nothingness as we excitedly jumped from the patrol boat of the BFAR into the ankle-deep blue water and made footsteps in the unspoiled fine white sand.Wow! At last my long-time dream of coming to this island was fulfilled. Time seemed to stand still as we...