Marigot Bay, Saint Martin

Beautiful day at the bay, with boats out in the lagoon.  Marigot is located on the west coast of St. Martin, the French side of the island. A few steps away from this beautiful bay is one of the most famous attractions near the bay is the Marigot Market, typically like your flea markets with open...


Here comes the plane!

Check out one of the scariest airports in the world where planes fly so dangerously low over people’s heads, yet it has become an attraction drawing tourists from all over the world. Sometime ago I and my travel buddy joined an eager crowd at Maho Beach where the most spectacular jet landings and take-offs happens...


Barbados quickie highlights

Far away in the eastern Caribbean is the island of Barbados, a tropical gem surrounded by turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches that makes you think everything is photoshopped. If it’s your first time to visit and if you only have one day to do it, you are not even going to scratch the...


One day in a Mexican village

ONE of the best ways to experience Mexican culture is to skip the tourist traps and popular tourist destinations and roam around a rural village even just for a day. Let’s put a village of Limones, a town in Costa Maya, Mexico in the spotlight. You can fly to Cancun and take a bus or...

Frigate Bay, St. Kitts 0

Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

Frigate Bay in Saint Kitts & Nevis is a scenic oceanfront inlet boasting of stretches of golden sandy shores, clear blue waters, and incredibly breath-stopping views. Frigate Bay is actually two bays close together located in the southeast of Basseterre. The North Frigate Bay faces the Atlantic Ocean and is a vacationer’s dream with a...


Costa Maya, Mexico

Turquoise waters along the coast of Costa Maya, Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.Costa Maya is a stretch of Caribbean coast on the eastern part of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. As the only state in Mexico bounded by the Caribbean ocean, it is a popular stopover port for numerous cruise lines. Costa Maya’s beautiful beaches, coral reefs and...


Cuba from a distance

Silhouette of Cuba seen from the Gulf of Mexico early in the morning, just before sunrise. For now, I’ll just admire Cuba from a far distance but it’s in the bucket list. Cuba, a Caribbean nation is 110,860 sq km in area, with an estimated population of 11,147,407 as of July 2017.      


Twin peaks of Saint Lucia

    THE famous twin peaks of Saint Lucia—the Piton mountains is the first landmark you can see when you approach the Castries port in this eastern Caribbean island. I was excited to finally check off this island from my bucket list after I joined a group tour a few months ago. Fast forward, we...