Flamenco: A beach lover’s paradise

ABOUT 20 minutes or so onboard a small plane from Puerto Rico toward the east coast of is a small slice of idyllic paradise surrounded by the bluest waters of the Caribbean Ocean. The island is called Isla de Culebra.
From the air, the first sight that attracts one’s attention to Culebra is a long stretch of horseshoe-shaped beach with fine white sand and azure blue waters bordered by a lush green forest. The beach is called Flamenco.
While you are busy admiring the landscape from your airplane window, get prepared for a sudden hairpin twist of the plane followed by a heart-stopping, somewhat tricky at the Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport, the island’s small airport.

Aerial view of the marina after taking off Isla Grande Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A few months ago, I got the chance to visit the island from Puerto Rico. My travel partner and I made our way to Flamenco Beach after renting a golf cart which is the most recommended mode of transportation around the island.
Flamenco Beach is a beach lover’s dream. One of the most popular destinations in the Puerto Rico cays and named as the second most beautiful beach in the world  for its soft, white sand and pristine beach area, crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Despite its popularity, Flamenco Beach is usually never crowded. You can have your own private nook with the option of going out to meet other beach goers when you feel up to it.

Flamenco Beach, aerial view

A restaurant offers an assortment of seafood, sandwiches, salads and drinks at reasonable prices. Don’t miss the tropical Piña Colada. I didn’t try it, which means you should!
Flamenco beach has typical beach amenities including tents, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and even camping gear for the campsite.
My buddy swam in the crystal clear waters while I sat in the shade of a small tree snapping memories of the picture-perfect postcard view the beach offers.
P1960631_peDown the beach are the repainted ruins of old rusty military tanks which serve as one of the attractions on the beach.
Wait, Flamenco Beach is just one of the stunning beaches you have to visit in Culebra.
P1970223_peCulebra is a very small island but has numerous hotels, vacation rentals and BnBs if you decide to stay overnight or longer. This is all about Flamenco Beach for now, but there’s more to this laid-back island that makes you want to come back again and again. (More about Culebra in the next article)

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