A ‘flaming’ welcome to the Northern Islands

flame7 IMG_7773

IF you are planning a trip to Saipan, Tinian or Rota, do so from March to July — that’s when the flame trees are in bloom and the islands appear to be in “flames.”

Flying above Tinian during these months gives you a view of vast green jungles sprinkled with a lot of red. Approaching Saipan affords you a spectacular view of an island in full bloom.The best places to drive around is the Airport Road area where fiery red and orange flowers can be seen. Beach Road from Susupe to Garapan is also a sight to behold as the orange blooms provide a contrast to the blue sky and ocean.

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Flame trees bloom each year, but it’s never the same each time. If you have been taking photos of the flame trees each year at their different stages, you will know this. If you haven’t done it already, try keeping a photo journal of the different stages of the flame trees.


The flame tree is the commonwealth tree, and the annual arts festival in spring each year is named after it.

The flame trees give the islands a lively and vibrant color. Even Suicide Cliff and the Last Command Post take on a different look when the flame trees are in bloom.

They are the CNMI’s “flaming” welcome to visitors from all over the world.


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