Monthly Archive: August 2011

An afternoon at the Tinian Shrine 0

An afternoon at the Tinian Shrine

TINIAN — I’ve seen the sign on the fork of the road lots of times before, a crudely made piece of wood painted with the words “Tinian Shrine” with an arrow pointing to a rough road leading to a thick shrubbery. The huge potholes in the road are a big turnoff especially if you are...


Revisiting a WW2 structure on Tinian

TINIAN—A few meters away from the air raid shelters and the monuments erected in memory of the marine battalions is the dilapidated yet sturdy structure used to house the air administrations staff building in the North Field of Tinian. Except for the distant whirring sounds of a brush cutter some maintenance men making as they...

Stopover at Teteto Beach 0

Stopover at Teteto Beach

ROTA—Driving along the paved road from Songsong going to Sinapalo Village on Rota will give you a chance to enjoy many scenic spots that may hinder your trip if you are in a hurry, and this includes pristine beaches, lush jungles, historical sites, and more attractions packed into this small paradise of an island. One...