Magical nights at the SandCastle

THE lights go off, signaling the beginning of another night to witness “The Magic of Saipan.”

Two magicians saunter on stage to begin one of the crowd’s favorite illusions – sawing a woman in half, a performance that never fails to have everyone in the audience holding their breaths and holding on to the edge of their seats.

From there, everything flows smooth and fast as the magicians Chris Zubrick and Ryan Makowski and the dancers carry the audience from one scene to another with a dizzying speed of magic and wonder.

All eyes were glued on stage as Ryan performs his signature performance—the award winning dove act where he makes eight pure white doves appear, disappear and transform in mysterious ways.

One crowd pleaser is the “Table-Of-Death!” where Ryan gets chained down to a table with twenty-five steel spikes lit with fire looming overhead, giving him just seconds to free himself before the spikes plummet.

Adrenalin gets higher as a live Bengal tiger in a cage joins them on stage. The team works with two tigers Tumon and Ellie, a performance which they said is quite risky.

Watch the duo as they perform their classic style of very Las Vegas stage magic in a spectacular blur of colorful costumes, dazzling display of lights and fantastic mix of sounds, the graceful dance moves, the superb dinner and everything add to the enchantment of the magic that is Saipan.

It is one hour where international barriers are forgotten and everybody, young or old watches in wide-eyed anticipation to the unfolding of the universal language of magic which everybody understands.

Ryan is from Edwardsburg, Michigan while Chris is from Laingsburg, Michigan. Both had been performing magic for 17 years.

Ryan’s career started from a magic set he received for his 5th birthday, and he was hooked. Chris got enchanted by a magic toy he found inside a cereal box and that started everything.

”The Magic of Saipan,” has been voted “Best Show on Island!” and boosted Saipan as a premier travel destination for mainly Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian tourists.

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I had been planning to watch the Magic of Saipan for the past months but only got the chance to do so with a buddy on Tuesday evening. I regretted not watching the magic earlier.

The Magic of Saipan is one hour of must-not miss jaw-dropping thrill punctuated by non-stop adventure, comedy, suspense, drama and non-stop excitement.

Sandcastle Saipan, LLC., operations manager Ravenal Jojo Valencia SandCastle Saipan said that they offer two packages for locals —the Deluxe Dinner Show and Deluxe Cocktail Show.

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner prepared by the Hyatt Regency’s chefs as you watch the magic unfold before you. Start with the lobster bisque soup, followed by salads, a delightful assortment of crispy garden greens. Move to the main entrée of grilled fillet mignon served with black pepper sauce, roasted rosemary, potatoes and seasonal vegetables or baked lobster tail with grilled Mahi Mahi, in aromatic herbs crust with lemon dill butter sauce.

Go for the Deluxe combination plate of Fillet Mignon & lobster tail or additional lobster tail for your seafood plate for a $15 additional, and cap your dinner with tiramisu and strawberry cream profiterole with fresh tropical fruits.

The Dinner Show is from 6pm – 8:15pm, while the Cocktail Show is from 8:45pm – 10:00pm. SandCastle Saipan is open nightly except Monday and Thursday. For package prizes and group discounts, please call 233-7263, fax 233-6565 or visit


Sandcastle Saipan LLC magic show held a performance for the last and final time before permanently closing after 16 years on March 31, 2018.

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