An afternoon’s escape at Tachogna Beach

IN one of my trips to the scenic island of Tinian, I grabbed the chance to escape and do some exploring on my own one late afternoon as my companions were emerged in a fierce battle with the one-cent slot machines.

A leisurely stroll from the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino on that bright afternoon led me to Tachogna Beach, a few meters south of Tinian’s famous Taga Beach.

Save for a few cottages, the beach is still unmarred by changes brought about by modernization and has retained its natural scenery.

A stress-free atmosphere pervades the place. It’s an entirely different world out there, as though time stands still and nothing else exists except for the long stretch of white sandy beach, the endless, blue skies and the shouts of glee as children chased each other to the sea. Anytime of the day, parents and kids can be seen frolicking in the sand.

Tachogna Beach is an ideal spot for get-togethers, picnics, or simply for hanging out. The coconut trees on the seashore provide an excellent shade to individuals who just want to unwind.

The beach is the venue for the Tinian hot pepper festival which never fails to draw huge crowds each year.

Taghogna Beach is Tinian’s best spot for snorkeling with its crystal clear waters which continue to lure not only tourists from all parts of the world but locals, too.

For several months now, I had been combing the island’s famous and not-so-famous beaches, nooks and crannies to convince the residents to look at the natural beauty of this place with new eyes.

When you are on the island of Tinian, try to spend a few minutes of your time to visit Tachogna Beach, and one tip—time your visit in the late afternoon and you will be in for a very wonderful experience of seeing the sunset at Tachogna Beach. It’s one of Tinian’s unequalled wonders.

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