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Fall in love with places you've never been to.

SORRY for the flood of posts

Hi everyone, So sorry for the flood of emails and posts. I was playing with a new theme and forgot to turn off the notifications. The website is…

Of bikini strings and wardrobe malfunctions

The next thing I knew, my bikini strings got loose and started to dangle down my thigh. There were no restrooms around and I wasn't about to just…

Crossing time zones: Is it tomorrow already or yesterday today?

If there’s one thing I miss most after the Corona Virus literally closed airports and cut off traveling to different places early this year, it’s that feeling of confusion you get after crossing different time zones.

And more hotel tales

Time froze, and from my upside-down view, I saw a guy staring at me with his key suspended in his hand and his mouth hanging open in total…

Hostel Tales

When you were just on the verge of sleep in a strange hostel and a stranger wakes you up and asks you if you want to join them…