‘Caged’ at the Zoobic Safari

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WHEN you watch tigers inside the zoo, you enjoy it but when its you who is inside a cage and the tigers are circling your cage looking for a possible opening and licking their tongues while poking their paws at the grills to get at you, that’s a totally different story. You don’t have to…


Saipan Zoo revisited

DRIVING aimlessly one Saturday afternoon, I ended up at a popular destination in As Mahetug, the Saipan Zoo, which I had not visited for the past couple of years. Except for a woman with a couple of kids, there were no other visitors at the zoo when I pulled over and walked leisurely toward the…


An afternoon at the zoo

A DEEP and frightful roaring drew us to the direction where Lambert the African lion is caged. It was past 4 p.m. and the continuous roaring signaled that Lambert was hungry. Several meters away, BooBoo, a female black bear was impatiently climbing on the bars and the roof of his quarters. Near the entrance, Tasha,…