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Carabao tails

A farmer plows the rice field in preparation for the planting season in Davao Oriental, southern Philippines. We call them carabao, kalabaw, kabaw, a water buffalo in Southeast Asia dubbed as the beast of burden. The carabao is a farmer’s most trusted and most valuable partner and companion in the industry. In addition to helping farmers...

Sunset in Mati, Philippines 0

Sunset in Mati, Philippines

Mati,  the capital of the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines boasts of the most stunning sunsets, in addition to the powdery white sands of its beaches,  uncrowded shores and crystal blue waters.


Trip to magical Cape San Agustin

IF you ever want to experience the feeling of standing at the edge of the world, head out to Cape San Agustin, the southernmost tip of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental, Philippines.  Up at the very tip of this quiet municipality is one magical destination known to many but dreamed about by more and continues...