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Sunset in Mati, Philippines 0

Sunset in Mati, Philippines

Mati,  the capital of the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines boasts of the most stunning sunsets, in addition to the powdery white sands of its beaches,  uncrowded shores and crystal blue waters.


The Fisherman

A fisherman checks out his net early in the morning at a fishing village in Davao Oriental, Southern Philippines. Marine fishing in the Philippines is a way of life, with an estimated over a million Filipinos engaged in fishing as a way of life. A huge percentage of the fishermen are small scale and engage...


Trip to magical Cape San Agustin

IF you ever want to experience the feeling of standing at the edge of the world, head out to Cape San Agustin, the southernmost tip of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental, Philippines.  Up at the very tip of this quiet municipality is one magical destination known to many but dreamed about by more and continues...

Pujada: An island adrift in time 0

Pujada: An island adrift in time

“Beware of quicksands..”Our guide warned but his voice faded into nothingness as we excitedly jumped from the patrol boat of the BFAR into the ankle-deep blue water and made footsteps in the unspoiled fine white sand.Wow! At last my long-time dream of coming to this island was fulfilled. Time seemed to stand still as we...