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Costa Maya, Mexico

Turquoise waters along the coast of Costa Maya, Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.Costa Maya is a stretch of Caribbean coast on the eastern part of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. As the only state in Mexico bounded by the Caribbean ocean, it is a popular stopover port for numerous cruise lines. Costa Maya’s beautiful beaches, coral reefs and...


Smiling Cove: favorite island hangout

  FROM its old view with sharp and rusty pieces of steel sticking out along the water’s edge, the newly-paved walkway with protective bars at the Smiling Cove Marina has become one of the newest destinations for joggers and sunset watchers these days. The long stretch of walkway at the Smiling Cove is an alternative...


Stepping on Stars

SAIPAN, CNMI—Have you ever heard of star-shaped sand but haven’t actually seen it? Here is your chance and you don’t even have to fly to Tinian’s Star Sands or Chulu Beach to do it. A friend and I went on a jungle tour to Kagman one afternoon some weeks back and we took the short...